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Post designs and get paid every time someone orders your design!


Offer your services as a maker and get paid to 3D print things for others!


Order amazing custom parts designed by an incredible community!

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The Driving Mission

Empowering people to make a new world

PeerPrint’s mission is to create a community manufacturing and distribution network. An environment that allows individuals to design, make and buy products between themselves. A space where innovation can thrive. A Github for real things and not just code.

We are a team of Mechanical engineers who want to help turn other people’s dreams into reality. We see PeerPrint as the home for many new micro-businesses and the start of a new type of design and production model, building a new world and a new community.

People Innovating Together

A communtiy of people creating great new things.

By unlocking the innovator inside you and connecting you to all the other innovators around the world, the PeerPrint team belive a new type of design will occur. A type of innovation that solves all the small problems that make life just that little bit easier.

Instead of being a few designers in an office somewhere, PeerPrint allows you to become a designer and be rewarded for your contribution to the rest of the Community

Design anything, to solve any problem, anywhere.

Or even just make something for the fun of it, it's up to you!


Grow in any direction

Grow your business, grow your design, grow your person.

PeerPrint provides the fastest way to spread your design to a mass audience, allowing you to grow your business

Work with other designers in the community to discuss tips and tricks and develop your skills to the next level.

Contribute to the global community by adding just a small piece of you to something everyone can have.

Imagination, Freed

A whole new way to think

We dare to imagine, that one day someone will use PeerPrint to post a design, that the next day is being ordered and delivered to millions of customers by thousands of dedicated makers all working for them selves.

This is our hope, our vision and it's all for you.


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The Team

A group of six young Mechanical Engineers from Teesside University in the North East of England. We understand the importance of innovation and so, are working to provide a way for 3D Printing and engineering enthusiasts alike to design, share, produce and ultimately, make money out of their ideas.